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We understand how painful it must be to look around for one treatment in that killing pain of yours. So we found a solution. Phoenix Dental Solutions guarantees one stop solutions for all of the dental problems you might be suffering from. Here are list of services we provide. 

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General Dentist

Dr. Deepika Mishra is the proprietor and Chief Dental Surgeon at Phoenix Dental Solutions. She
completed her graduation in the year 2000 and since then has worked in various clinical and hospital
settings. The gentle manner, in which she examines the patient and explains the treatment plan, puts
the patient immediately at ease. She is proficient in tooth extractions, cosmetic restorations, root canal
treatment, prosthetic dental treatment, pediatric dentistry, treatment of pyorrhea, scaling root planing etc.
She can also handle any kind of emergency dental treatment if required. She has a passion for dentistry
and is constantly focused on upgrading her skills for better patient experience.

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Why did the tooth go to therapy?
Because it was feeling a little "eroded" about its cervical erosion

- Cervical erosion in teeth is characterized by the gradual loss of enamel near the gum line.

- Common causes include aggressive brushing, consumption of acidic foods or beverages, and tooth grinding.

- Symptoms may include increased tooth sensitivity, especially to hot, cold, or sweet stimuli.

- Treatment options may include dental bonding, fillings, or in severe cases, dental crowns.

- Prevention involves practicing gentle brushing techniques, avoiding acidic foods, and maintaining regular dental check-ups for early detection and management.


This was my first dental treatment in many years and Dr. Mishra made me feel relaxed and calm. It was completely painless and issue free. I thoroughly recommend both Dr. Mishra and dental clinic. Excellent caring staff

Gheeta Bhat

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